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Outsourcing in administrative processes as a new way of working before Covid-19

Today, in the face of the health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and the mandatory quarantine, companies have been forced to implement teleworking as the only preventive alternative to continue with their commercial activity, this is mainly due to the fact that isolation is a measure hygiene guidelines to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Teleworking is a work alternative that has been implemented several years ago in different parts of the world, but which remained unknown and underdeveloped for the vast majority of companies in our region until a few months ago, where due to the outbreak of a causative virus of the pandemic, this has generated a greater importance of use and impact over the last few months as an alternative for the provision of services.

Based on a recent Forbes post, implementing telecommuting increases productivity and a sense of commitment. In addition to reducing the costs of facilities, payroll and the number of days absent due to illness of its employees.

According to the director general of the world health organization, better known as WHO for its acronym, he affirmed on May 6 of this year that this pandemic could be overcome, but that it will change the daily life of humanity, directly affecting work presence of the labor market.

That is why many of the companies have seen the need to limit themselves to renewing office lease contracts, since in addition to the fact that many of them do not comply with an adequate infrastructure design that complies with the required preventive measures, It has become unprofitable to continue to rent the property when income is so low and it is not being used properly, due to the situation, in addition to the fact that it is not known for sure when it will be possible to return to work in a in person.

It is important to mention that the practice of teleworking is not possible in all professional sectors of companies, such as accounting, human resources, IT, among others. That is why, given the situation that companies are going through due to the Covid-19 crisis, has outsourcing services available to its clients and any company, known in its translation in Spanish as the outsourcing or outsourcing services.

Currently the term outsourcing is known as a process by which an organization hires the services of an external company to perform those tasks that are not part of its business, in a specialized way. In other words, outsourcing is directly related to the outsourcing of services, where it is agreed with a company external to the organization, the provision of specialized services in a competent manner, so that it can have time and resources to focus on the core business function.

Companies must first dedicate themselves to centralizing and redirecting their resources towards the main objective of their business. By implementing the outsourcing services offered by, the company will be favored as follows:

  1. Cost and risk reduction, by cooperating with an external company, the company will be able to reduce expenses in technological investment, infrastructure and payroll, which represents a low level of risk.
  2. Focusing on the main activity, as mentioned above, the company may focus mainly on the business line, eliminating financial and personnel expenses, which were intended for non-strategic areas.
  3. Quality improvement, by hiring an external company specialized in the administration of complex processes, a quality result is ensured.
  4. Increase in productivity, since the work of certain sectors is carried out through an external company that is expert in the area, the time involved in new projects is reduced, as well as the selection of personnel and their respective training.
  5. Greater flexibility, outsourcing allows rapid adaptation to changes in the labor market.
  6. Increase in competitiveness, in addition to benefiting you as a company, the objective of the implementation of outsourcing services is to obtain a good strategic position in the competitive market.

In this way, it is essential to choose a company that specializes in outsourcing services that ensures a high level of quality as well as an optimal positioning in the market.

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