We are a LATIN AMERICAN company

With more than 20 years of experience in rendering Outsourcing Services, Human Resources Management and Facility Management.

We make an effort to continously improve to offer you an efficient service with excellence and quality!

Why us?

We are a company of Integral Outsourcing Solutions with staff, technology, infrastructure, and legal advisory resources in order to offer you a wide range of turn-key administrative services with solutions to the measure of your needs.

What makes us different


As affiliated members of the SSA, we participate in the different fairs of products, equipment, tools, and technology, thereby achieving the implementation of state-of-the-art technology in the different Service Centers.


Our Research Department acts in two different areas in order to assure the client a proper response to their needs: Prevention Area and Research Area.


Our staff is conformed only of real specialists, for we know how to find the right staff for your organization

Our Mission

We render Outsourcing services in Latin America fidelizing our clients through excellence and continous improvement.

Our Vision

To be the greatest Outsourcing services provider of Latin America, by offering integral solutions and to the measure of our clients, by providing employment sources to the countries wherein we operate and committed to the development of our collaborators.

Our Values:


Do our job right, by complying with every function and activity assigned.


Keep ethical values at any moment, under any circumstance.


Do everything with quality from the first time, by setting a personal seal in every activity executed.

Passion for service

Is the desire, the will or disposition to execute an additional work to the already established activities.

We proyect your business to another level

Discover how your company can benefit from our Outsourcing services. Find the road to develop your company with us!

Speed up your processes

Payrolling and payroll administration

The administration and payrolling is a service that THE PEOPLE COMPANY offers, for the payrolling process of other countries, considering their characteristics and needs.

Recruiting and staff selection

We find the perfect complement for your organization! Our recruiting, selection, and hiring  processes are ISO 9001 certified.

Labor, accounting, and legal advisory

Our objective is to satisfy our clients, with efficiency and continous improvement to their requirements, by reducing their load and maximizing their savings.

Quality Politic

We are an Outsourcing company, committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the service we provide our clients, legal framework and applicable regulations, generating profits for our partners, providing sources of work to the countries where we operate and contributing to the development of our employees .


International Quality Certification
ISO 9001-2015

We have the certification of the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015