Regional Coverage

By hiring our services, you can centralize the process outsourcing outsourcing of all your regional operations in a single provider, generating savings through economies of scale, making resources more efficient, standardizing indicators and receiving fast and efficient service through a single communication channel.

We have our own offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and the United States, which allows us to standardize services and quality, as well as provide you with economic benefits in regional projects.

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We adapt to the needs of your business

All companies have different departments to achieve optimal operation, however there are some that can be outsourced to save time, money and human resources.

That is why at The People Company we offer a range of services that meet these needs in order to improve the profitability of your company.

Business-level Experience


We offer quality and efficient outsourcing, staffing and facility management services so that all employees of your company and headquarters can focus on the business of their Company. Reducing costs, providing job opportunities, streamlining processes and improving the efficiency of your company nationwide.


We provide outsourcing services to all companies in the Latin American region, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients, providing sources of work to the countries where we operate and committed to the development of our employees.

Strategic allies

We have different strategic allies in order to offer a greater range of services to our users. Our strategic alliances allow your company to improve its value proposition, expand your market, reduce costs and increase your income.


We provide a variety of services that adjust to the needs of your company, thanks to our professional and trained team in each area, we guarantee the standardization of procedures, reporting, unification of communication channels, excellence and continuous improvement at the regional level.


Regional Clients

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of our clients belong to the Forbes Global 500 list

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