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Outsourcing in administrative processes as a new way of working before Covid-19

Today, in the face of the health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and the mandatory quarantine, companies have been forced to implement teleworking as the only preventive alternative to continue with their commercial activity, this is mainly due to the fact that isolation is a measure hygiene guidelines to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Teleworking is a work alternative that has been implemented several years ago in different parts of the world, but which remained unknown and underdeveloped for the vast majority of companies in our region until a few months ago, where due to the outbreak of a causative virus of the pandemic, this has generated a greater importance of use and impact over the last few months as an alternative for the provision of services.

Based on a recent Forbes post, implementing telecommuting increases productivity and a sense of commitment. In addition to reducing the costs of facilities, payroll and the number of days absent due to illness of its employees.

According to the director general of the world health organization, better known as WHO for its acronym, he affirmed on May 6 of this year that this pandemic could be overcome, but that it will change the daily life of humanity, directly affecting work presence of the labor market.

That is why many of the companies have seen the need to limit themselves to renewing office lease contracts, since in addition to the fact that many of them do not comply with an adequate infrastructure design that complies with the required preventive measures, It has become unprofitable to continue to rent the property when income is so low and it is not being used properly, due to the situation, in addition to the fact that it is not known for sure when it will be possible to return to work in a in person.

It is important to mention that the practice of teleworking is not possible in all professional sectors of companies, such as accounting, human resources, IT, among others. That is why, given the situation that companies are going through due to the Covid-19 crisis, has outsourcing services available to its clients and any company, known in its translation in Spanish as the outsourcing or outsourcing services.

Currently the term outsourcing is known as a process by which an organization hires the services of an external company to perform those tasks that are not part of its business, in a specialized way. In other words, outsourcing is directly related to the outsourcing of services, where it is agreed with a company external to the organization, the provision of specialized services in a competent manner, so that it can have time and resources to focus on the core business function.

Companies must first dedicate themselves to centralizing and redirecting their resources towards the main objective of their business. By implementing the outsourcing services offered by, the company will be favored as follows:

  1. Cost and risk reduction, by cooperating with an external company, the company will be able to reduce expenses in technological investment, infrastructure and payroll, which represents a low level of risk.
  2. Focusing on the main activity, as mentioned above, the company may focus mainly on the business line, eliminating financial and personnel expenses, which were intended for non-strategic areas.
  3. Quality improvement, by hiring an external company specialized in the administration of complex processes, a quality result is ensured.
  4. Increase in productivity, since the work of certain sectors is carried out through an external company that is expert in the area, the time involved in new projects is reduced, as well as the selection of personnel and their respective training.
  5. Greater flexibility, outsourcing allows rapid adaptation to changes in the labor market.
  6. Increase in competitiveness, in addition to benefiting you as a company, the objective of the implementation of outsourcing services is to obtain a good strategic position in the competitive market.

In this way, it is essential to choose a company that specializes in outsourcing services that ensures a high level of quality as well as an optimal positioning in the market.

At The People Company, thanks to the efficiency and excellence of our solutions, the extensive experience, trained team and successes obtained, have allowed us to offer outsourcing services at the Central American level, if you want to know more about the provision of services visit:


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Periodically sanitize and disinfect your workplace in the face of the Covid-19 crisis

On March 11 of this year, the World Health Organization, known by its acronym as WHO, declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and since then, the virus has managed to spread uncontrollably across the planet; This is mainly due to the fact that the spread of the virus occurs through the air and physical contact, as well as through contact with any surface such as computers, public transport, elevators, hands, toilets, among others.

This virus can remain in the environment from 24 hours to 9 days, especially on plastic and stainless steel surfaces; It is also important to mention that the virus has an incubation period of 14 days in affected people. Therefore, this asymptomatic period makes the virus extremely dangerous, since infected people can be infected without knowing it and these in turn can infect more people.  

The arrival of COVID-19 has seriously impacted economic activity in different regions, however, Latin American and Caribbean countries, with the exception of Guyana, are the ones that will be most affected. Mainly because it is the region with the worst economic performance in the world, as well as due to the fact that they are countries dependent on the great world powers, as well as because of their precarious health systems, their level of poverty and extreme poverty, inequality and ignorance.

In the case of the Central American region, not only are large companies affected by the lack of income and staff cuts, but also, since they are countries with predominantly informal trade, many of its inhabitants cannot carry out the quarantine for different reasons economic, being seriously affected. Therefore, it is necessary to resume commercial and social activity in areas where possible with adequate hygiene and social measures indicated by specialists.

Now that the population is more alert, shocked and aware, it is important to implement different preventive hygiene measures, making sanitization and disinfection an essential part of the daily life of the Guatemalan population, as well as of any company, public service and type of housing, in order to reduce the possibility of contracting the virus.

According to the future projections of the big economies; economic and social activity will be resumed in a context where, unfortunately, the pandemic will not have ended. Therefore, the different businesses and institutions must make changes quickly and adapt to the new paradigm, prioritizing the established recommendations, as well as the mandatory implementation of sanitation, disinfection services, and protocols that guarantee people’s safety. For this reason, The People Company offers and makes available to the client the periodic service of disinfection of public and private facilities as a contribution method to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The People Company has adapted to the situation and has expanded its services in response to the need of Guatemalan companies to keep the different facilities of the company or business, as well as surfaces and floors, strictly disinfected and completely sanitized; in order to reactivate their businesses.

The services offered by The People Company are carried out by a professional technical team, which is trained and has different services and health protection elements, which are necessary to carry out any sanitization and disinfection activity in a safe and effective. Since they are currently the only guaranteed prevention measures for the prevention of the virus, while awaiting the discovery of the appropriate vaccine.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is important and essential to disinfect and sanitize the work spaces of your companies or businesses in order to support the fight against Covid-19 and reduce the spread, prioritizing the care of life in order to maintain the continuity of the business.

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Staffing 25 Latin America highlights us in the region

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is a global advisor in the Staffing and Workforce Solutions and Personnel Services industry, this entity annually excels at individuals working on talent development in markets with complex regulatory frameworks. In its 2019 and 2020 edition, it recognizes our current CEO, as one of the 25 most influential leaders in Latin American terms; recognition achieved thanks to our development and growth of our operations in Latin America.

This distinction positions us as leaders in the region; with the highest quality standards in BPO services, Staffing, Facility Management, Payrolling, Corporate Cleaning, Merchandising and more; It is especially important given that there is little coordination between Latin American countries in terms of regulations, banking, exchange restrictions, etc. These factors, added to the “informal economy”, make the companies that form businesses in these markets require greater creativity in their management, determination and adaptation to change, impregnated today in the DNA of The People Company.

SIA is respected for its content, data, support tools, publications, executive conferences and events, helping providers and buyers of human resources solutions to make better informed decisions that improve results and minimize risks.